Social Skills Mentoring for Smart People

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The Problem

Geeks aren't exposed to a lot of social situations. We like to go to comfortable message boards or forums and only associate with people who like the stuff we like. We're smarter than other people which makes it hard to deal with others.

Life is good; however, it does get lonely sometimes. Eventually, we meet people we really like, that we want to spend more time with or even start a relationship. The problem is that we don't know where to start, and sometimes we just plain mess it up. It is frustrating because we don't want to be forever alone.

How GeekSpression Can Help

GeekSpression was founded by geeks for geeks. We know how hard it can be to learn how to be social because it is so easy to concentrate on other “important stuff.” We know what you are going through because we have been there too.

Through our expert consultants, we want to help you learn social skills. We want you to be able to practice talking to people, learn social tricks and develop skills you need. These consultations will help you realize how engaging and interesting you are, and give you the skills you need to start and keep relationships.

Through one-on-one video coaching, our consultants will tell you when you need to do something differently, what you can improve, and help you learn to be confident in social situations. You don't need to be alone because we can help you to become more social.

Who are our consultants?

Our consultants are coaches and mentors, people who want to help you learn to share your thoughts and feelings. Both men and women, of various ages, are ready to speak with you and encourage you to express yourself well to others.

When you use GeekSpression, you will be matched with a consultant who wants to help you with your specific communication goals. You'll get to spend an hour chatting, learning, practicing, and asking for advice. Your consultant is here to help you.

Don't Change

GeekSpression won't change who you are: we'll help you learn how to express your thoughts and feelings.